June 27, 2019

Mobile Coupon Marketing Platform Adds Automated Personalization | News

Build Personalized Mobile Marketing Based on Consumer Interactions with Mobile Coupons and past Behaviors. CodeBroker, developer of mobile marketing technologies for retailers, announced the addition of powerful new personalization features to their mobile coupon marketing platform. With these additions, retailers can deliver automated omnichannel mobile coupon marketing based on customer behaviors, reaching customers through promotion…

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Single-Use Coupons Codes Enhance Personalization

Many of our clients are employing single-use coupons and single-use promo codes to improve their personalization efforts. In this post, I’ll share some of the dynamics behind this, and how these company’s personalization efforts are benefitting from single-use coupons and promo codes. Marketing automation and analytics software are helping marketers make coupn personalization a reality.…

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