5 Reasons Why Retail Marketers Love Text Message Marketing

The mobile phone is a powerful avenue for retailers to reach a consumer because it’s an “always-on” marketing vehicle – an extension of the consumer’s identity. And, coupled with text message marketing, mobile gives retailers unprecedented power to reach consumers with personalized messages at scale, and to drive engagement like never before.

Here are five reasons why retail marketers really do love text message marketing.

#1. Customers on your SMS marketing list want to be there.

What’s better than a customer who asks you to market to them? That’s the beauty of text message marketing. The consumer must opt-in to your SMS marketing list. Since it’s 100% permission based, consumers who sign-up really want to start a dialog – they want to hear from you, and they love when you text them a deal, such as a mobile coupon.

#2. Text message marketing messages are almost always read – and right away.

Ninety seven percent of people read a text message within the first three minutes of receiving it. There are no other marketing channels with an open rate that even comes close. In addition, CodeBroker has observed that 20% to 50% of consumers click on promotional text messages to access a mobile coupons. Some retailers have experienced click-through rates as high as 72%.

#3. Text message marketing drives purchase urgency.

Mobile coupons delivered via text message help retailers solve two key business challenges: 1) creating urgency, and 2) driving short-term spikes in revenue. According to CodeBroker’s recent mobile coupon consumer research, mobile coupons delivered via a promotional text message are a highly effective way for marketers to rapidly move the needle. As we learned from the research, 25% of consumers plan to redeem a mobile coupon they receive via a promotional text message within three days; 60% plan to use the coupon within one week.

#4. Text message marketing allows retailers to be hyper-responsive to market conditions.

Retail is as competitive as it gets, and marketers always need effective ways to respond to the market conditions of the moment – and one of the best ways is by using text message promotions because they can be executed very rapidly. For example, CodeBroker’s customers often offer single-use coupons to move specific inventory, or to deliver contingency offers that are triggered at the last minute to drive store traffic.

#5. Marketers can track engagement in real time.

Marketers can track if the recipient has clicked a link within a promotional text message. This can be especially powerful for optimizing campaigns. In addition, when combined with an offer such as a mobile coupon, marketers can see if the offer was redeemed, and at which location, for visibility into the complete path to purchase.

Retailers’ love affair with text message marketing is alive and well. And text marketing is being used in a range of mobile marketing use cases, from providing members with access to loyalty programs, to promoting and deliver coupons and offers, to inviting customers to an event at their local store.

If you’re looking into a new text message marketing solution, here’s a link to a helpful resource: How To Evaluate SMS Marketing Solutions.