Millennials sharing the wealth through mobile coupons

Written by: Kristina Knight

According to the RedPlum Purse String Survey one-third of Millennials use coupons received in the mail and 21% from retail circulars but nearly half are also snagging mobile that they receive directly to their mobile device.

By using a digital coupon platform, marketers can employ an omnichannel approach to delivering mobile coupon marketing programs, digital coupon promotions, and even print coupons, to appeal to each consumer’s preference. Coupon software should let you deliver and redeem coupons over any and/or all of your preferred channels.

Researchers found:
• 45% access mobile coupons from email via smartphone
• 41% use coupon codes on their smartphone
• 36% compare deals
• 32% will download mobile coupons to loyalty cards

Here is additional research on consumers’ preference for mobile coupons.

“The RedPlum Purse String Survey results are somewhat counter intuitive from what you might expect based on what we know about millennials,” said Lisa Reynolds, Valassis Vice President of Consumer Engagement. “While they are heavy digital users, this group also embraces tried and true methods for savings, as much as any other age group. Promotion sensitive, they are a true testament to the use of savings from both print and digital sources.”

Compared to the rest of the population, Millennials are leading a new charge to mobile coupons. For example, where 45% of Millennials use mobile devices for coupons only 24% of the general population were found to do the same. Results were similar with the rest of the variables: the general population falling behind Millennials’ use of mobile coupons.

As for how Millennials are sharing – and finding out – about brands employing mobile coupon marketing programs, mobile coupons and deals, nearly three quarters (71%) rely on word of mouth while 43% depend on social networks and one-third (30%) rely on text messages.