Digital Coupon Platform Opens New Use-Cases for Marketers

Digital Coupon Platform use has opened a new world of marketing applications that previously weren’t possible. Retailers using a digital coupon platform to offer and deliver digital coupons and SMS text coupons are enabling use cases that go beyond merely offering a discount. Here are five innovative digital coupon platform use cases.

1. Personalization

Digital coupon marketing is helping marketers enhance their personalization program by delivering personalized digital coupons and single-use coupons, enabling marketers to deliver the high-discount mobile coupons that work – without the risk of coupons being used more than once or being shared. A digital coupon platform that generates personalized offers and single-use coupons also helps marketers to attribute redemptions accurately, and conduct valid a/b tests, further enhancing personalization.

2. Digital Loyalty Programs

Digital loyalty programs have arrived, with more and more consumers preferring to participate in mobile loyalty programs over traditional loyalty programs. Companies are now using mobile coupon software to deliver loyalty cards, rewards certificates, and loyalty offers.

3. Digital Offer Wallet

Another way to retailers use their digital coupons platform is by deploying a branded digital coupon wallet across multiple digital channels, giving customers an easy way to organize, track and instantly access all of a retailer’s of brand’s offers in one convenient place.

4. On-demand SMS Text Coupons

What better way to drive a purchase than by offering a SMS text coupon to a consumer as she shops. Using a digital coupon platform, the retailer can promote offer and deliver digital coupons to shoppers while they are in the store.

5. Grow SMS Subscriber Lists

A digital coupon platform can be used to deliver SMS coupons to customers who sign-up to their SMS marketing list. Digital coupon offers have shown to be a great incentives to get customers to sign up for an SMS subscriber list, and provide quality information during sign-up.

There you have it. A digital coupon platform can be used in innovative ways by retailers and brands looking to engage today’s mobile consumers. For further reading, here are links to two research reports that give insights into consumer preferences for receiving and using mobile coupons and for receiving personalized offers.