How Do Millennials Want to Engage with Loyalty Programs?

By Dan Slavin, CodeBroker:

We recently launched CodeBroker’s Mobile Loyalty Survey. The report, based on research with 1,300 loyalty program members, has received a great deal of interest from mobile marketing professionals. Several folks have asked us to slice the data by specific markets, such as retail, restaurant and hotel, which I’m pleased to provide. Just email me at

One of the interesting ways that we’re looking at the research is through the eyes of millennials. What’s no surprise is how strongly millennials feel about the greater role that mobile needs to play in loyalty program engagement. In addition, millennials have individual preferences how they want to access loyalty programs via mobile, and it’s important to give them access n the way they want it.

Here are some of the key takeaways…

  • Only 11% of millennials actively engage with all the loyalty programs to which they are members.
  • 97% of millennials say that they would actively engage with loyalty programs if they could access their rewards information from their smartphones.
  • Millennials have a range of preferences for accessing and engaging with a mobile rewards program – including SMS, app, digital wallet, and email.
  • 28% want to access mobile rewards via a text link on their smartphone.

Here’s a link to the millennial version of the research.