In-app Offers in 3 Easy Steps

in-app offers

Quickly Deliver In-app Offers to Your Customers

Written by: Sue LeClaire

A mobile app should be the go-to place where your most loyal customers can find what’s new and exciting about your brand. In fact, 63% of consumers say they would download a retailer’s mobile app to access information and mobile coupons if one was available, based on a recent Nielsen report, Savvy In-Store Solutions Drive Digital-Minded Consumers. Unlike mobile app development, delivering mobile coupons to your customers should not take months and months of planning and development. For retailers that want to satisfy their customers thirst for offers, there are solutions that can let you deliver in-app offers quickly.

Following are key criteria to consider when you’re ready to take customer engagement to the next level:


SaaS-based software, nothing to install or update. You can begin using the platform immediately to create and deliver mobile offers to your customers via your mobile app.

Integration with your mobile app is done through a comprehensive set of both real-time web services and batch APIs. A well-documented suite of APIs will enable you to begin delivering in-app offers within a matter of days.

Same set of APIs can be used to integrate with enterprise systems such as a retailer’s CRM allowing you to deliver personalized offers. Personalization can include offers based on a CRM match such as zip code or individual preferences including past purchases and customer’s personal interests.

Scalable. The ability to deliver in-app offers to a select group of customers or to millions of consumers simultaneously. You should never have to worry if your customers are receiving their mobile offers when intended, or not.

Secure. Offers should be rendered dynamically – no static webpages where your customers can see out-of-date information like expired or used offers.

2. SET

Campaign manager. Create a mobile coupon promotion in a matter of minutes. The process should be similar for all of the promotion types you would like to deliver to your customers including promo codes, one-time-use codes, on-demand offers, etc. Other key campaign manager capabilities should include:

  • Schedule promotions to run at your convenience. In-app offers can be set-up for immediate delivery or months in advance.
  • Permission-based. Only authorized people can create, edit and execute campaigns.
  • A rigorous process is in place to edit a campaign once it is live. Stuff happens and you need to ensure that once a campaign is live, it can only be updated by people with the correct authorization.

Test mode. See what your customers will see before the campaign goes live providing you with the opportunity to fine-tune marketing messages and ensure the right codes are in place before general availability.

Budgeting. Set campaign limits on the number of offers available for redemption based on a variety of factors (e.g., dollar amount, number of coupons delivered, timeframe, etc.).

3. GO

Automatically deliver offers to your mobile app. The central location where your customers can access and redeem their mobile coupons.

Alert customers with PUSH notifications when new offers are available or are about to expire creating a sense of urgency.

Deliver personalized offers. Each customer can receive targeted offers designed to build brand loyalty.

Reporting. Track who received an in-app offer, who viewed it and which customers redeemed their mobile coupon. A comprehensive picture of each campaign provides you with insight into the entire purchase funnel.

Retailers see significantly higher redemption rates from in-app offers compared to other channels. In addition, mobile offers are another reason your customers will regularly engage with your mobile app to see what’s new and exciting.