Digital Wallet | Engage customers with ongoing offers

Retailers deploy MyOffers digital wallet to build loyalty and retention programs for digital  consumers.

By Joe Pappalardo

The growing impact of digital channels, especially mobile commerce, is resulting in new consumer cultures. It is up to retailers to recognize these developing trends and fine tune their strategies in order to continue to thrive.

MyOffers Digital Wallet is a new way for retailers to provide consumers with a single place to go to access all of their offers, rewards (and sometimes gift cards). What makes MyOffers special is that consumers can access it 24 x 7, on demand, via their favorite mobile channel (email, text, web, mobile app, or mobile wallet). Perhaps best of all, once a consumer has registered with MyOffers, she does not need to remember a username/password to access her information (unless she is logging in from the web). As a result, MyOffers Digital Wallet is making inroads with consumers and marketers thanks to leading retailers like Macy’s and Kohls, who are early adopters of this solution.

Today’s consumers are fickle, and loyalty is a quickly withering concept. Winning and engaging the digital consumer requires understanding which preferences matter and which platforms deliver greater choice and convenience. MyOffers enables retailers and marketers to woo and engage the mobile consumer with one-click ease.

Drive incremental spends by combining convenience and personalization

At a time when omnichannel and multichannel programs are replacing traditional programs, several research studies have demonstrated a strong correlation between personalization and customer satisfaction. MyOffers lets marketers provide personalized offers and discounts to consumers and use their existing communications solutions to deliver MyOffers via text, email, app, or mobile wallet. The same studies mentioned above have also shown that personalized offers can entice a customer who has not made a purchase recently to take advantage of a generous coupon offer.

Used by major retailers

Macy’s and Kohls have seen the upside of their MyOffers solutions over the last couple of years. Their digital wallet programs provide consumers with a single place to go to retrieve/access all of their offers and rewards, leading to long-term loyalty and driving improved purchase behavior and higher sales.

  • MyOffers makes it easy for customers to locate their coupon offers and rewards from their phones or desktop and access them from different channels;
  • MyOffers users can be among the first few privileged recipients of new coupon offers, information on new discounted products and special retail events;
  • Users receive personalized offers and;
  • Retailers can update, remove, or swap offers for the latest, most timely deals.

Drive in-store revenue and strengthen mobile reach with increased customer loyalty

MyOffers digital wallet  is designed with the aim to boost customer engagement and retention for your brand. For retailers and marketers wanting to mobilize loyalty and reward initiatives, manage and push special offers, coupons and loyalty cards directly to their target consumer’s mobile phone, MyOffers makes it possible to hit two birds with one stone – incentivize customer urgency and increase shopping frequency with personalized benefits.

Affordable marketing for ambitious retailers and digital-savvy marketers

The MyOffers digital wallet can be accessed on-demand, 24 x 7, without requiring consumers to log in, from a range of digital channels including text message, mobile app, email, and mobile wallets. It allows marketers and retailers to continue innovating on the consumer experience and empowers retailers to design differentiated value propositions and personalized promotions.

Mobile devices truly changed the game by enabling personalized communications between retailers and customers. However, complex and expensive mobile engagement platforms remain elusive for all but a few of the nations’ largest retailers. MyOffers from CodeBroker alleviates these barriers and helps retailers to take advantage of the growing opportunity in mobile-led consumer engagement. By giving retailers and pragmatic marketers new capabilities to improve customer engagement/customer experience, MyOffers opens up a new way to drive revenues and engagement.