Retailer Mobile Coupon Programs

Having delivered millions of coupons on behalf of retailers – some of the largest in the US – we’ve seen a lot of digital coupon programs. Following is the first installment of 5 notable retailer mobile coupon programs from US retailers.

Walgreens mobile coupon programs

Walgreens mobile coupon programs 1

Walgreens mobile coupon programs

Walgreens mobile coupons are available through both the mobile app and mobile web. To access the mobile web version, enter the Walgreen’s URL ( into your mobile web browser.


Walgreens mobile coupon programs 2

Or, text the keyword APP to shortcode 21525 from the text message app on your mobile device. Click on the link in the text message to view Walgreen’s mobile web page. Enter Mobile App in the search field to view the mobile app download page.

From Walgreen’s homepage, you can click on the Walgreen’s logo to download the Walgreen’s mobile app or click to download the iOS version or Android version.



Walgreens mobile coupon programs 3From either the mobile web or mobile app menu, click on Weekly Ad & Coupons from the menu. You will need to join the Balance Rewards program to clip coupons and save them to your Walgreen’s rewards card.

Currently, Walgreens does not deliver mobile offers via SMS.



Target mobile coupon programs

Target mobile coupon programs 1

Target mobile coupon programs

Target has multiple ways to help consumers save big.

Mobile app: Mobile offers are available in Target’s mobile coupon wallet. Regardless of which program a consumer has signed-up, all mobile offers are available in the mobile app, making it extremely convenient for consumer’s to access and redeem their mobile coupons. Offers are pushed to the mobile app bi-weekly.

From the Target homepage, enter Mobile App in the search field. You will be brought to the webpage where you can download Target’s mobile app, iOS version or Android version.


Target mobile coupon programs 2SMS: Consumers who do not use the mobile app can receive mobile offers via the SMS app on their mobile device. By clicking on the link in the text message, a mobile offer is delivered to a dynamic web page.

Offers are valid for a finite period of time and will automatically expire if not used. To sign-up, text COUPONS to Target’s shortcode 827438.


Target mobile coupon programs 3On-demand promotions: Based on advertising, a consumer texts in a keyword to Target’s shortcode (827438) to receive a mobile offer.

Consumers can find on-demand promotions advertised both in-store and in Target’s weekly flyer.



CVS mobile coupon programs

CVS mobile coupon programs 1

CVS mobile coupon programs

CVS offers multiple ways to save.

If you select My Deals & Rewards from the mobile app homepage, you will be required to sign up for either the EXTRACARE Pharmacy & Health Rewards program or the EXTRACARE Beauty Club.


CVS mobile coupon programs 2

Another way to save is to join the CVS EXTRACARE rewards program where you earn cash back for purchases. Click on ExtraCare Card from the main menu of the mobile app to see earned rewards.


CVS mobile coupon programs3


CVS makes it extremely easy to download the mobile app. From the homepage of the CVS mobile web page, click to download the iOS version or Android version.

Currently, text alerts are only delivered to customers subscribed to the CVS prescription program.





McDonalds mobile coupon programs

McDonalds mobile coupon programs 1

McDonald’s mobile coupon programs

McDonald’s mobile coupons are available via their mobile app. Click to go to the website page to download either the iOS version or Android version.

In addition to displaying valid mobile offers the app will show you which locations the promotion can be redeemed.




Macys mobile coupon programs

Macy's mobile coupon promotions 1

Macys mobile coupon programs

Macy’s Promo alerts: Text in COUPON to Macy’s shortcode, 62297, to sign-up for mobile offers. Up to three messages per week will be delivered to your mobile device.

The text message contains a link to Macy’s mobile web site and/or a link to a mobile offer on the Macy’s mobile website.



Macys mobile coupon programs 2


By clicking the mobile offer link in the text message, a mobile offer on Macy’s mobile website will be displayed. Both mobile offers and promo codes can be used online as well as in-store.


Macys mobile coupon programs 3Macy’s delivers offers to their mobile app as well. Text in APP to 62297 or click on iOS version or Android version to download the mobile app.

To view available offers, select OFFERS from the mobile app main menu.

In order to receive mobile offers to the Macy’s mobile app, you need to create an account. Also available from the OFFERS menu option are Deals & Promotions and the ability add an offer to the wallet.


Stay tuned for more information on how to sign-up for more mobile coupons.