Mobile Coupons for the Holidays!

By Dan Slavin

According to the National Retail Federation, purchases during the holiday season account for 20% of all retail purchases. In November and December 2017, the NRF reports that those purchases equaled $691.9 billion.

It’s no secret that this is the most important time of year for retailers, and we’ve learned that deals are more important to consumers than ever – with 75% stating that sales and promotions are very or extremely important to them, according to the NRF.

With smartphones playing an ever-growing role in shopping, CodeBroker definitely sees an uptick in mobile coupon promotions this time of year. This is no surprise, when you consider three interesting stats:

    • Nearly half of today’s consumers prefer mobile coupons versus traditional paper coupons according to CodeBroker’s Mobile Coupon Consumer Research Report.
    • According to Google, 76% of mobile shoppers change their minds about which retailer/brand to buy from after searching online. By getting mobile coupons onto a shopper’s phone, retailers have a better chance to usurp the search engine shopper.
    • With all the promotional messages out there during the holidays, creating urgency is key to getting shoppers to act – and this is where mobile coupons really excel. As we learned from the CodeBroker Mobile Coupon Consumer Research Report, 25% of consumers redeem a coupon they receive via text message within three days, while 60% do so within a week.

These stats really hammer home the value of using mobile coupons – particularly during the holiday shopping season. By delivering mobile coupons to consumers via text message, you can drive more sales during this very important time of year.