Mobile Loyalty Experience Engine

Mobile Loyalty Success

The CodeBroker Mobile Loyalty Experience Engine gives marketers a true omnichannel approach to mobile loyalty member acquisition and engagement.

  • Transform your loyalty program with an omnichannel mobile experience.
  • Rapidly acquire new members at scale.
  • Drive deeper levels of member engagement.
  • Motivate millennials and Gen. Z consumers to join and to engage.

Rapidly acquire mobile loyalty members affordably and at scale

With CodeBroker, you can acquire new members rapidly and cost effectively
by giving consumers an easy way to enroll over their preferred mobile channel, and by giving
existing members an easy way to convert to mobile. Capture each member’s preferred communications channel and start each relationship in impressive fashion.

Fully-automated member acquisition workflow makes it easy for marketers.

Omnichannel Loyalty Program Delivery

The CodeBroker Mobile Loyalty Experience Engine is the first solution that lets you deliver your loyalty program via each consumer’s preferred mobile channel – to increase sign-ups, engagement and program performance.

  • Drive sign-ups by enabling program access over each consumer’s preferred mobile channel.
  • Attract today’s mobile-centric consumers.
  • Identify the best contact method for ongoing mobile communications.
  • Capture deeper levels of customer data.

Deliver an engaging mobile loyalty experience

A successful loyalty program is all about engagement, and the key is to make it easy for members to participate again and again.

And this is where CodeBroker comes in.

The CodeBroker Mobile Loyalty Experience Engine gives marketers two new ways to drive member engagement like never before:

1. By being able to contact members over their preferred channels, your message is more likely to resonate and drive action.

2. By giving members access to their loyalty card, rewards, balance, and certificates any time from their mobile phone without logging in, they’re more likely participate as active members.

CodeBroker makes it easy for members to engage, and for you to see the results.

Plug and play with your existing marketing toolset

The cloud-based Mobile Loyalty Experience Engine works with your existing loyalty, CRM and analytics systems, to complement your existing loyalty marketing toolset.

CodeBroker requires very little integration or IT support, so you can get up and running quickly with minimal technology investment or IT support.