Smartphone App Facts for Retailers

Coupons and Smartphone Apps

  • Digital coupons, real-time coupons, reminders of what’s on shopping lists, and the ability to track spending are the top four most desired features in a Smartphone app (Catalina)

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  • Coupons are at the top of the list of desired features; however, consumers expect [retailers] to deliver those benefits in an intelligent and personalized way. (Catalina)
  • 55% of US millennial smartphone owners who use mobile payments prefer to have a unified app that can be used in multiple stores while integrating individual store coupons and loyalty programs. (Loyalty360)

Shopping and Smartphone Apps

  • Two-thirds of smartphone owners, who are also the primary shoppers in their households, have used their devices during shopping trips. (Catalina)
  • 47% of online shoppers use price saving apps or websites when planning a shopping trip (Nielsen)
  • 71% of online shoppers who like to read online reviews prior to purchasing a product. (Nielsen)
  • 30% of US smartphone owners who use apps on their devices do so while shopping. (Nielsen)

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  • 46% of shoppers who download a retailer-branded app say the app caused them to visit the store more often. (ABI Research)

Retailers and Smartphone Apps

  • 52% of consumers state the top reason that they opt into PUSH notifications is for coupons and deals with 92% checking the PUSH notification. (ExactTarget)

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  • Over 50% of worldwide mobile device owners use brand, product, or store apps, and 52% of those say the apps increase their interest in buying. (L2)
  • 93% of US consumer packaged goods retailers plan to increase their spending on mobile app marketing in the next 5 years, compared to 90% for social media, and 86% for emails. (Nielsen)
  • 77% of US department store brands maintain mobile apps, and 79% maintain mobile-optimized websites. (L2)

Smartphone App User Demographics

  • The median age of US smartphone app users is 40. (comScore)

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  • US mobile device owners aged 25-34 spend an average of 74.6 hours per month using apps, compared to 73.8 for 18-24, and 63.5 for 35-54. (comScore)
  • 57% of US smartphone users access apps on their devices every day. (comScore)
  • The average smartphone downloader has around 42 apps on their device, the majority (87%) claim they use less than 10 apps on a daily basis while 55% say they use between one and four apps and 32% report using between five and nine. (Nielsen)