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How To Evaluate SMS Marketing Solutions

What marketers need to know to choose the best text message marketing software to drive sales and ROI.

Rapidly grow your text message marketing lists

SmartJoin is CodeBroker’s innovative SMS list sign-up software used by top brands and retailers for growing text message marketing lists, loyalty program membership, and email lists rapidly and at scale. SmartJoin is part of CodeBroker’s Mobile Engagement Platform, and can also be added to your existing text marketing solution to enhance your existing SMS marketing list sign-up capabilities.

SmartJoin Delivers Results for the World’s Top Brands

90% SMS marketing list sign-up completion rate

50% increase in SMS subscriber list sign-ups

Up to 25,000 daily customer SMS list sign-ups on an ongoing basis

SmartJoin Delivers Results for the World’s Top Brands

90% SMS marketing list sign-up completion rate

50% increase in SMS subscriber list sign-ups

Up to 25,000 daily customer SMS list sign-ups on an ongoing basis

Build high-quality SMS lists with demographics

One of the biggest obstacles to SMS marketing list sign-up is the cumbersome, multi-step process that consumers must endure with many of today’s text marketing solutions.

SmartJoin changes that, with an intuitive, streamlined experience that makes it easy for consumers to sign up from their phones – no matter their
location. Our emphasis on user experience is the key to SmartJoin’s industry-leading 90% sign-up completion rate.

For years, SMS marketers have been content to gather as many phone numbers as possible, without regard to building quality contact records behind the phone numbers. The process was straightforward; text a keyword and get added to the list. This made sign-ups easy, for consumers, marketers got lots of phone numbers but, again, without regard to list quality.

With SmartJoin, marketers are quickly growing their SMS marketing lists with an emphasis, not only on quantity, but with the ability to collect name and address and other demographic information, which can be added to a CRM system. This gives marketers more data on each subscriber, resulting in a higher quality list that is far superior to a mere phone number.

And with SmartJoin, retailers achieve a 90% SMS list sign-up completion rate.

Powerful technology makes it easy


Consumers sign up by texting in to your short code.


Consumers can provide as much or as little demographic information as you require.


Once the sign up process is complete consumers can:

  • Be added to an SMS List
  • Be added to an Email List
  • Join a Loyalty Program
  • Get a Welcome Offer
  • Receive a Reward Number
  • Get a Mobile Loyalty Card

Customizable forms for every use case

Great text message marketing begins with getting consumers to sign up – in large numbers and with accurate information. Data captured on the SmartJoin form is completely customizable to meet your precise list capture requirements. You can tailor the sign-up form to collect any information – from just a mobile phone number to a complete CRM record – with minimal IT involvement.

Automatically attribute sign-ups to stores

Using unique keywords to attribute SMS list sign-ups to individual stores can be cumbersome, and becomes even more difficult when your promotional signs need to change. Instead, you can use SmartJoin’s Assign Origin feature to automatically know the store in which a customer signs up. This lets you give credit to the store that drove the sign-up, making it an effective tool for incentivizing stores to promote more sign-ups.

Assign a favorite store

With SmartJoin’s Favorite Store Assignment, you can assign customers to a favorite store automatically using zip code, GPS or other store identifier, giving you the ability to send localized messages for events and offers to drive higher engagement.

And, best of all, you can use Assign Origin and Favorite Store together, so you can give credit to the store that completed the sign-up and send localized messaging based upon where the customer lives or works. All of this happens transparently, without the customer having to enter any data and it makes managing your call-to-action signs easy!

Unprecedented security for ‘single-use’ mobile coupons

SmartJoin automatically populates the SMS marketing list sign-up form with the consumer’s mobile phone number, and recognizes that consumer if he or she tries to sign up multiple times in an attempt to get multiple welcome offers.

This means that even if the consumer unsubscribes and then re-subscribes, SmartJoin recognizes the phone number, and the corresponding CRM or loyalty record. This ensures that consumers receive and redeem a welcome offer only once, and receive only one loyalty number — and ensures that marketers do not end up having multiple records for the same individual. With SmartJoin, you never have duplicate sign-ups.

SMS list sign-up innovation

SmartJoin is Intelligent SMS Subscriber List Sign-Up – with innovative features that give you the power you need for growing SMS subscribers and sophisticated mobile and online marketing programs.

  • Works with any web-enabled mobile phone (Smartphones not required).
  • Build SMS and email lists.
  • Acquire loyalty program members.
  • Issue a rewards number and/or a mobile loyalty card.
  • Connect sign-ups to existing CRM and loyalty program records.
  • Collect demographic information.
  • Automatically attribute sign-ups to originating physical location (to assign store/location credit).
  • Deliver mobile welcome offers and coupons (Single use and “rolling” offers).
  • Avoid duplicate sign ups/records.
  • Customize forms to your brand.
  • Rock solid presentation of TCPA terms and associated end-user actions.
  • Eliminate Risk of Duplicate Records.

Learn how to put SmartJoin SMS list sign up to work for your marketing programs.

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