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mobile coupon platform

2018 Mobile Coupon Survey

New research on how consumers want to acquire and redeem coupons, and insights into the rise of mobile coupon usage and coupon software.

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The retailers' choice for mobile coupon marketing

The CodeBroker Mobile Coupon Marketing Platform is a high-performance coupon software solution used by the largest retailers to send millions of unique mobile coupons daily, each personalized based on the customer’s preferences and shopping history, to drive higher mobile coupon redemption rates.

And, best of all, the CodeBroker mobile coupon marketing platform is easy to use, giving marketers an agile coupon software solution for driving customer activity when stores need it most.

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Exceptional Mobile Coupon Results

30%-50% On-Demand Coupon Redemption

30%-70% Redemption Lift from Coupon Reminders

2%-10% Marketing List Redemption

mobile coupon platform delivers single-use coupons and sms coupons across all channels to drive purchases and visits

Omnichannel coupons increase engagement

The CodeBroker mobile coupon platform is omnichannel mobile coupon software that lets you deliver and redeem coupons over any and/or all of your preferred channels. Consumers have their favorite way to receive mobile coupons, and CodeBroker’s omnichannel approach lets you appeal to all consumers by using their preferred channel, to help you increase engagement and redemption.

Our unique security model ensures that your customers will always receive the same coupon regardless of the number of channels they choose to view their mobile coupons. Set up coupons for in-store and/or online redemption, with immediate coupon expiration across all channels

Single-use mobile coupon security

CodeBroker is the only coupon software solution that lets you generate a “smart” single-use mobile coupon with a security model that ensures:


The customer always receives the same mobile coupon regardless of the number of times and channels she requests the coupon.


Once the coupon is used, it expires simultaneously and is marked as redeemed across all channels to prevent re-use.


It is impossible for a consumer 
to obtain a second copy of the
unless specifically allowed by you.

Once a coupon is used, it expires across all channels simultaneously. You or CodeBroker can “clear” the coupon. If CodeBroker clears the coupon, we mark it as redeemed to ensure accurate accountability every time. And your customers will always know which coupons are valid. And since CodeBroker can make your in-store coupons work online, we can ensure immediate coupon expiration across all channels.

MyOffers Digital Coupon Wallet

The CodeBroker mobile coupon marketing platform enables you to deploy your own branded MyOffers digital coupon wallet across multiple digital channels, to give your loyal customers instant access to your best deals and offers all in one place.

Give your customers the same digital coupon wallet capabilities as leading retailers like Macy’s and Kohls. Deliver coupons, offers and loyalty program rewards directly to your MyOffers wallet to give customers the ability to track and organize their coupons and rewards from their mobile device or desktop.

Deliver personalized shopping recommendations and deals to your customers based on their shopping preferences directly to your MyOffers digital coupon wallet to drive repeat purchases and loyalty. It’s easy to set up your MyOffers digital coupon wallet and CodeBroker’s team works with you to ensure its success.

  • Give your customers the same digital wallet capabilities as Macy’s and Kohls – easily and affordably.
  • digital coupon wallet helps retailers send consumers mobile coupons, digital offers, and loyalty program rewards

Mobile coupon marketing for every use case

The CodeBroker mobile coupon marketing platform gives you power and flexibility to employ mobile coupons for all of your use cases, from driving short-term revenue to building long-term customer value. With CodeBroker, all your bases are covered.

text message marketing software what top retailers use to deliver promotion text messages at scale and sms coupons
Conduct On-demand SMS Promotions

Consumers send a text to your shortcode to receive an SMS coupon.

grow sms subscriber Lists rapidly and at scale with the text message marketing software used by top retailers
Grow SMS Subscriber Lists

Deliver SMS coupons and marketing messages to customers who sign-up to your list.

digital coupon wallet retailers give customers one place to access digital coupons, mobile coupons, and loyalty program rewards
Build Customer Value

Employ a branded Digital Coupon Wallet, to give customers instant access to your mobile coupons and offers.

mobile loyalty programs deliver loyalty program rewards and access to loyalty programs via mobile devices
Grow Customer Loyalty

Deliver rewards certificates to new loyalty program members, and push ongoing loyalty offers.

Coupon software power

The CodeBroker Platform gives you access to the broadest range of coupon logic, from simple to sophisticated – to meet any requirement. You can start simple and grow into more advanced coupons easily, according to your timeline.

Numerous coupon formats for every use case
  • Single-Use Coupons
  • Multi-Use Coupons
  • Rewards Certificates
  • On-demand
  • Push Message
  • Multi-format barcodes
Multiple delivery options to appeal to every consumer
  • SMS
  • Mobile App
  • Mobile Wallet
  • Email
  • Social
  • Website
Enterprise-class features for the largest retailers
  • High Security
  • Scalable Delivery
  • Detailed Reporting
  • Redeem In-store +/or Online
  • Mark-as-Redeemed
Sophisticated logic that’s easy to deploy
  • Autoload to e-Shopping Cart
  • Rolling Expiration
  • Location-Based
  • Pooled
mobile coupon marketing track redemptions + engagement with the mobile coupon marketing platform used by top retailers

Unprecedented mobile coupon intel

With the CodeBroker Platform you benefit from unprecedented levels of knowledge on your mobile coupon marketing efforts. You can track your coupons from click all the way to redemption and deliver activity metrics directly to your CRM system. Use CodeBroker’s reporting dashboard to track consumer engagement and coupon usage. Generate a range of reports such as: redemption performance metrics: by message, time, channel, segment keyword and more.

With CodeBroker, you will always know which offers work the best, and for whom.