Mobile Coupon Software

Mobile Coupon Software

CodeBroker Makes it Easy to Deliver Sophisticated Mobile Coupon Promotions

You know them by many names – promo codes, discount codes, offer codes – but they all have one thing in common – they’re yesterday’s technology.

They limit your marketing opportunities – and don’t meet the needs of today’s mobile consumers.

CodeBroker mobile coupon software makes it easy for marketers to deliver sophisticated mobile coupon marketing promotions that get the mobile shoppers of today to open their wallets. Offer personalized coupons via any digital channel. Deliver single-use and multi-use mobile coupons, on demand coupons, and SMS text coupons. Track and attribute redemptions for exceptional customer intelligence all at unprecedented scale.

And CodeBroker mobile coupon software supports a crawl-walk-run approach — you can start small with simple coupon promotions, and expand easily into more sophisticated coupons over time — so you can move quickly, engage more shoppers, drive higher mobile coupon redemption rates, and deliver immediate results.

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Mobile Coupons That Convert

CodeBroker mobile coupon software puts coupon redemption power at your fingertips, with mobile coupon redemption rates that consistently exceed industry norms.


CodeBroker Mobile Coupon Redemption Rates


On-Demand Coupons

Coupon Reminders
30%-70% Redemption Lift

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The Mobile Coupon Software For The Modern Shopper

CodeBroker mobile coupon software has unique capabilities that get consumers of today to take action. The key is CodeBroker’s mobile-first approach that gives each customer the ability to acquire, store and redeem mobile coupons based on her preferred digital channel, to increase engagement and coupon redemption rates.

  • One Coupon – All Channels

CodeBroker mobile coupons can be delivered and redeemed via any digital channel – SMS, mobile app, mobile wallet, email, social — as well as the desktop.

  • Single-Use or Multi-Use

Flexible coupon models – single use, multi-use, on-demand coupons, and load-to-card – to address your specific business goals.

  • In-Store and Online Use

Offer coupons for in-store and online use, and make your in-store coupons work online. CodeBroker mobile coupon software can also bridge disparate systems, such as e-commerce and POS, to ensure immediate coupon expiration across all channels.

  • On Demand Coupons or Push

Offer on-demand SMS coupons for new and potential customers to drive immediate purchases, or deliver coupons to your existing marketing lists and customers.

  • Branded “MyOffers” Wallet

Easily employ a branded MyOffers wallet so customers can find and organize your digital coupons, offers, and rewards using their mobile and desktop devices.

  • High Performance Solution

Deliver millions of SMS coupons daily (including single-use coupons), each with a unique bar code and/or other content offer to drive higher redemption.

Market Data: 2018 Mobile Coupon Research Results

Mobile is quickly becoming the preferred method for consumers to use coupons. Learn what more than 1,200 consumers have to say in the 2018 Mobile Coupon Research Report.

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