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Everybody wins – IT staff, service professionals, and customers


Most transactional SMS solutions are too reliant on IT support for the most basic changes – from changing messages, to setting temporary message rollover, to setting black-out periods. These should be easy for anyone to implement, but they’re not.

The result? Projects move slowly. Enhancements take too much time. IT staff is kept from the most high-value projects. And customer service suffers.

CodeBroker’s SMS Transactional Alerts change all this by eliminating ongoing reliance on IT to add new message logic, change the content of alerts, and provide sophisticated usage reports. With CodeBroker, business people can make program changes quickly and easily without having to rely on IT. There’s no waiting. It’s less expensive. And IT staff is free to work on more strategic initiatives.

Everybody wins with CodeBroker SMS Transactional Alerts

Business managers love it because they’re empowered to make changes to existing transactional alerts and message flow (so there’s no waiting) and obtain sophisticated usage reporting. IT people love CodeBroker transactional text message alerts because they can:

Get solutions to market faster.

Devote more time to high-value projects or meet greater technical challenges.

Provide business partners with better insight/flexibility.

Reduce ongoing support requests once the transactional alert program is up and running.

Powerful technology
makes it easy

Powerful technology makes it easy

CodeBroker’s SMS Transactional Alerts is the only enterprise-class SMS solution that separates the message content from the message transaction, enabling “business people” to change content and alter message flows without IT support.

Other transactional alert solutions require the transaction and message content to be combined, which is why IT is required for every update. Since CodeBroker transactional text message alerts separates them, members of the business team can change existing alerts and alter message flow without IT involvement.

Messages can be delivered in both real-time (“Your prescription refill is ready for pick-up”) and batch (“Congratulations! You just reached Gold level”), whichever method provides the optimal customer experience.

Sophisticated configuration and messaging logic

  • Delivery process workflows (e.g.; blackout periods, auto message rollover, batch to real-time, SMS chat, trigger external workflows).
  • List management (automated opt-in/out, delivery eligibility testing, preference center support).
  • SMS policy management (automated help/stop and carrier compliance).
  • Business insight/update (business can define/modify messages without help from IT, easy/flexible reporting).

Experience SMS transactional alerts the way it should be – easy!

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