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45% Want Real-Time Mobile Promotions in Stores

Mobile Promotions and Consumers An article published yesterday in mCommerce Daily, MobileShopTalk caught our attention. The article is an excellent summary of a recent mobile promotions study conducted by Accenture. Written by: Chuck Martin There’s still somewhat of a gap between what mobile shoppers want and what retailers provide. Many consumers say they want in-store mobile Read More

6 Reasons to Implement In-app Mobile Offers

In-app Mobile Offers Drives Direct Channel Revenue Written by: Sue LeClaire Retailers invest a lot of resources into developing a mobile app – the go-to place loyal customers explore for information, entertainment and to shop. It should also be the place where consumers can access all of their coupons – a central place to quickly Read More

Smartphone App Facts for Retailers

Coupons and Smartphone Apps Digital coupons, real-time coupons, reminders of what’s on shopping lists, and the ability to track spending are the top four most desired features in a Smartphone app (Catalina) Coupons are at the top of the list of desired features; however, consumers expect [retailers] to deliver those benefits in an intelligent and Read More