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What SMS marketers can learn from Jack in the Box
March 16, 2016

  Photo credit: Jack in the Box Jack in the Box extended a bold offer in their Super Bowl ad “Crossing the Delaware.” Proud of recent upgrades to their menu items, the company dressed their mascot as George Washington to announce a “Declaration of Delicious” giveaway of one million of its new double stacked, $4.79 Read More

Stop jabbing at customers with just SMS

Mobile coupon platforms can offer a lot of flexibility Boxers learning the sport start by throwing individual punches, but quickly progress to incorporating boxing combinations instead of single shots – jabs to the rib cage with the left hand, a jab with the right to the stomach, followed by a left-right combination jabs. Boxing combinations Read More

6 paths to mobile brand awareness
March 1, 2016

Brand awareness is about first getting consumers to recognize your brand name and logo when they see it, and once that is achieved, getting them to independently recall your brand at the moment they have a need for your product or services. If done right, mobile marketing provides an excellent channel to build brand awareness. Read More