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3 Tips for the Mobile Coupon Creator

by Dan Slavin

mobile-coupon-creatorMobile marketing is continuing to develop new and exciting ways of helping marketers and retailers of all sizesmeet their short and long-term objectives. Digital coupons can be a great way to enhance your existing mobile marketing strategies and the following article contains tips whether you are a mobile coupon creator for small business or a large business.

Let’s look at some of the ways that is happening.

Enhancing Your Mobile Coupons and SMS Offers

Retailers wanting to kick their mobile and SMS marketing up a notch should use in-store barcodes displayed on the smartphone for speedy checkout. This can be done through a mobile app or through a link to a digital coupon sent via SMS. Using mobile barcode coupons also means substantially improved behavioral tracking, such as knowing who viewed a coupon and who redeemed it.

If you have the technology to deliver secure one-time use coupons , they are very effective at providing a wealth of information for downstream analytics for segmentation and retargeting of future campaigns. CodeBroker can work with your team to take advantage of this technology so you can become a better mobile coupon creator.

Centralize Your Coupons and Offers

A perennial challenge retailers face each year is how to increase app usage and engagement, and more specifically, how to drive mobile app sales, how to improve conversion rates and grow monthly engagement.

One way to vastly improve mobile app engagement is to aggregate all of a customer’s coupons and offers into a single location, making them easier to locate and redeem. CodeBroker’s Coupon Center enables retailers to quickly and easily deliver a “My Offers” digital coupon wallet to their mobile app. This has been a great way for CodeBroker’s retailer customers to deliver an outstanding consumer experience and it only takes a couple of days to integrate.

Encourage Redemption

Our customers using Coupon Center are seeing a variety of significant benefits. One benefit is being gained by delivering one-time use welcome coupons in order to drive downloads. Using Coupon Center, our customers can provide a secure incentive for trying out an app. It is important to make sure that consumers cannot receive more than one welcome coupon if the consumer deletes and re-installs the app. Coupon Center takes care of this by securely linking the welcome coupon to the consumer’s phone. Coupon Center makes configuring these welcome offers quick and easy for the mobile coupon creator.

To further increase redemption, Coupon Center can deliver PUSH notifications to remind consumers that new offers are waiting or old offers are expiring.

Other successful strategies to enhance redemption include: Deliver segmented/personalized offers and incorporating bounce-back offers after a consumer makes a purchase or uses a coupon.

Follow these tips and you too will learn to become a successful digital coupon creator for small business and large business alike.

Stop jabbing at customers with just SMS

by Dan Slavin

mobile-coupon-platformMobile coupon platforms can offer a lot of flexibility

Boxers learning the sport start by throwing individual punches, but quickly progress to incorporating boxing combinations instead of single shots – jabs to the rib cage with the left hand, a jab with the right to the stomach, followed by a left-right combination jabs. Boxing combinations become the default attack and counter attack response and many trainers go as far as reprimanding their trainees for throwing a single jab in a fight. In the ring of mobile marketing, to effectively score and connect messages with your prospective customers, it’s important to ‘throw combos’ – that is to say, in marketing to a targeted individual use a traditional communication or social media tactic and follow-up with a different traditional communication or social media tactic; don’t just use one communication tactic once – or worse, the single tactic over and over again.

As an example, mobile coupon platforms can be used as an integral part of a strategy to build SMS lists. By combining the use of the mobile coupon platform to deliver high value welcome coupons with text messaging, list sign ups can be greatly accelerated. You can also combine SMS and email together to improve response rates. This is a good example of messaging from one channel being used to promote another. A retailer we worked with conducted a successful experiment with this.

For part one of the experiment, they sent a single e-mail which contained an offer delivered by their mobile coupon platform and measured the results. And this is fairly typical, send out an e-mail, do a promotion, and measure.
But, the next thing that they did for part two, was to send out an SMS message the evening before the e-mail and then use an SMS as a reminder after the e-mail. In this case the mobile coupon platform managed the offer across both delivery channels.

Notice the combination of traditional communications (email) and mobile (text messaging) as opposed to the single jab approach?

The results were really significant. The retailer actually increased the redemption rate three times over the e-mail-only campaign. Using multiple communication channels works, and not only for marketing.


In addition to using using their SMS marketing software to send marketing alerts, many retailers are sending alerts to improve customer satisfaction. They use alerts that provide personalized timely information to reduce the number of calls coming into their call center. Many of our customers have told us that one of the most common calls that comes in is, “Where’s my stuff?”

By incorporating SMS into the mix, customers are seeing a really significant improvement in their customer satisfaction ratings. Alerts are not just for order fulfillment status updates; their potential uses touch virtually all B2C markets. Credit cards and banks are sending alerts such as, “balance overdue,” “payment received,” and even loyalty program status updates such as “You’re about to reach gold,” “10 points to gold,” and “Congratulations! You just reached gold!” If you’re not using alerts like these today, you may want to consider adding them as they’ve really proven to have a direct impact on customer satisfaction.