5 Exceptional Holiday Promotions

Retailers Get the Most Out of Their Holiday Promotions

holiday promotions 1Reward the Faithful on Black Friday

Customers are standing outside your doors waiting to get in to begin their holiday shopping. Reward these enthusiastic consumers with a special incentive. Post signs directing consumers to text in to receive a mobile coupon good for today’s shopping trip only. Consumers will be excited about using their special discount as well as appreciative that you recognized their loyalty to you and reward you with an increase in basket size.

holiday-last-minute-giftsKeep ‘em Coming Back After Cyber Monday

Consumers expect free shipping. According to Statista, 56 percent of customers abandon their shopping cart if they encounter an unexpected price at checkout, such as shipping charges. Offer a holiday promotion of free shipping on Cyber Monday. And after check out, deliver a code for free shipping on a subsequent trip. With a coupon in hand for free shipping, you will be the first retailer your customer will think of as they complete their holiday shopping.

Surprise and Delight with In-store Rewards

Implement a beacon holiday promotion for your in-store shoppers. When a consumer enters the store, deliver a 10 percent off today’s shopping trip guaranteeing a purchase. Or, strategically place beacons near special holiday merchandise such as gift wrap. When the consumer is within range of the beacon, you can deliver a mobile coupon to buy two gift wrap items and receive a third for free increasing basket size. Beacons have the ability to improve the customer shopping experience while driving in-store revenue.

holiday-promotions-donationsGiving Back

According to a study conducted by Cone Communications and Echo Research, 82 percent of U.S. consumers consider corporate social responsibility when deciding which products or services to buy and where to shop. The holidays are the perfect time to support a local organization that helps others. Contribute a percentage of consumer’s purchases to the organization. Or, ask customers to purchase an item to be donated to a local shelter. You can strategically place food items or kid’s toys next to the checkout making it easy for consumers to participate in the drive. Make sure you match your customers spend and report back on the drive’s success.

http://www.dreamstime.com/stock-photo-new-apple-iphone-5-image26611890Deliver Special Offers Using Social Media

Leverage Facebook this holiday season and deliver a mobile coupon holiday promotion to Facebook Friends. Its’ easy. Visitors to a retailer’s Facebook page receive a one-time-use coupon when they click on the posted offer. The consumer then has the option of printing the coupon or retrieving it from the Facebook mobile app and having it scanned from their mobile device at checkout. A recent report by WildFire Interactive found that 74% of consumers will click on a coupon in their newsfeed and download it driving traffic to your stores.