Mobile Coupon Wallet

A Mobile Coupon Wallet Provides Convenience and Ease-of-use in a Single Location

How many times have your customers put off shopping because they left their coupons at home or in the glove box of their car? Probably more times than you would like. Ensure your customers always have their offers with them in an easy-to-use and always-available location – a mobile coupon wallet.

Customers can track and organize your offers and coupons from their desktop or mobile device. During checkout, the offers can be redeemed either online or in-store. CodeBroker’s Coupon Center is a mobile coupon wallet that provides instantaneous access to offers from a central location for both you and your customers.

As a retailer, you will have the ability to deliver coupons directly to the mobile coupon wallet ensuring your customers have the latest and greatest offers at their fingertips when they’re ready to make a purchase. Your customers will be able to quickly locate and redeem your mobile coupons from within your smartphone app or the desktop. You can even mark the coupons as redeemed ensuring accurate accountability every time.

A unique feature of the CodeBroker mobile coupon wallet is the ability to store a variety of offer types including generally available offers, personalized offers, and one-time-use offers. In addition, you can let your customers select which offers they want to store in your mobile coupon wallet, further enhancing the customer satisfaction leading to increased shopping frequency and lifetime value.