Retailers Use Text for Many Use Cases

By Dan Slavin

Text message marketing has evolved from a standalone marketing tactic to a key component of many mobile marketing use cases. More and more consumers prefer the easy access that a simple link in apromotional text message gives them, leading marketers to use text message marketing software in innovative ways. Here are a few of the top text message marketing use cases that we at CodeBroker are seeing with our retail clients.

To deliver mobile coupons

Nearly half of consumers prefer to receive mobile coupons rather than paper coupons. And 85% of consumers say they’ll redeem a coupon that they receive via a link in a promotional  text message within one week. We’re seeing more and more retailers take advantage of this shift to mobile coupons.

To improve mobile loyalty program engagement

Most retailers and brands now make their loyalty programs available through their mobile app. This is a great step in the right direction to appeal to consumers who want to engage with loyalty programs from their smartphones. What loyalty program leaders have learned, however, is that more of their members prefer to access their rewards information from a link in a text message rather than through an app.

For more control over mobile wallet promotions

Consumers love Apple Wallet and Google Pay, but they present limitations for marketers because consumers have complete control over what goes in their wallet. Marketers can’t directly push new offers or rewards into them, limiting marketer’s promotional opportunities.

CodeBroker’s clients have overcome this obstacle with the MyOffers Mobile Wallet, which can be added with one click right into a consumer’s Apple and Google Pay walets. This gives marketers the ability to send new offers, or update existing offers. Consumer can be informed of updates via various methods, including text messages.

These are just three examples – there are many more. Consumers respond well to text message promotions, as well as text using text as an access point for a range of use cases. I encourage you to consider ways to incorporate text message marketing into your communications mix and, if you’re like other retailers who have, I expect that you’ll see great results.