Mass Text Messaging + Rich Single Use Offers = More Revenue

There are several mass text messaging solutions on the market, and they’re all quite similar. Define a generic offer, set up your campaign,and blast it out to millions. It’s fast, affordable, and the sheer volume delivers some results.

Now, imagine being able to segment your mass text promotions, and target each segment with a rich offer that be used only by the intended recipient just one time. You get the same benefits of mass text messaging, with the advantages that come with rich, single-use offers:

  • Greaterconversion rates
  • Higher lift, activations, and re-activations
  • More purchases and revenue

This is what CodeBroker Mass Text Messaging is all about.

Add Offer Quality to Mass Text Quantity

Rather than sending a generic mass text offer to millions, with CodeBroker Mass Text
Messaging you can deliverhigh-quality, single-use offers to different list segments, for more targeted and personalized promotions at scale.

Segment your mass text offers for better results

By customer lifecycle: acquisition, engagement and retention

By purchase history, product interest, prior engagement

By demographics, geography, favorite store

Single-Use Offer Security Changes the Game

CodeBroker Mass Text Messaging enables marketers to securely deliver, and consumers to securely redeem, personalized, rich offers and promos at scale without risk ofcoupons or promo codes being used more than once or going viral.

Secure distribution and redemptionensures that consumers:

  • Receive an offer only once, even if they try to obtain it multiple times.
  • Only obtain offers that were meant for them.

Which gives marketers more power to:

  • Accurately measure promos to determine which offers drive the best returns.
  • Attribute redemptions to individuals and segments.

SMS Transactional Alerts without Reliance on IT

SMS Transactional Alerts should be easy for anyone to implement, but they’re too reliant on IT support for the most basic changes. CodeBroker SMS Transactional Alerts simplify set the up and implementation of service alerts, to help businesses better serve customers.

CodeBroker eliminates ongoing reliance on IT to add new message logic, change the content of alerts, and provide sophisticated usage reports. With CodeBroker, business people can make program changes quickly and easily without having to rely on IT. There’s no waiting. It’s less expensive. And IT staff is free to work on more strategic initiatives.

A Personalized Approach to Mass Text Messaging

CodeBroker Mass Text Messaging is cost-effective, efficient, and easy to set up. With just a click of the button, you can quickly send bulk text messages to millions of recipients. And you can segment your list to deliver targeted, single-use coupons and promo codes, for a more personalized approach to mass text messaging – and for better results.

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