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12 Days of Mobile Coupon Deals

Written by Stefanie Gray Promotions for Black Friday and Cyber Monday are already in the can as the two big selling days are only a week away. However, there is still plenty of opportunity to deliver creative shopping incentives for the remaining 24 days before Christmas. According to a recent NRF survey, almost 75% of Read More

Creating the Ultimate Mobile Coupon Experience

Written by Stefanie Gray Not surprisingly, the short answer: the ultimate mobile coupon experience does not exist. Having worked exclusively with retailers for many years, we have found that creating an optimal customer journey depends on the retailer’s definition of the consumer’s purchase process, which includes the retailer’s offer strategy. Following are ideas based on Read More

One Way to Slay an Omnichannel Promotion

Written by: Stefanie Gray Engaging with consumers across channels is a sure-win for retailers interested in delivering a unique customer experience. One CodeBroker retailer customer recently launched a wildly successful omnichannel promotion that spanned three channels: email, SMS and Passbook. Omnichannel Promotion

Loyalty Program Growth through Customer Engagement

Written by: Stefanie Gray Loyalty program growth can be a daunting undertaking. Program expansion can depend on a number of factors, such as Marketing’s advertising budget, store ops’ willingness to support in-store sign placement, or something as simple as creating a compelling incentive. Following is a CodeBroker retailer’s creative idea: leverage their existing loyalty program Read More

Retailer Mobile Coupon Programs

Having delivered millions of coupons on behalf of retailers – some of the largest in the US – we’ve seen a lot of digital coupon programs. Following is the first installment of 5 notable retailer mobile coupon programs from US retailers. Walgreens mobile coupon programs Walgreens mobile coupons are available through both the mobile app and mobile Read More

A Mobile Promotion Proven to Drive Sales & Engagement

Written by: Stefanie Gray CodeBroker retailer customers – some of the largest in the US – deliver creative and engaging mobile experiences to consumers. Employing CodeBroker’s unique platform, our retailer customers can: Quickly set-up engaging promotions. Minimize the liability associated with rich offers. Easily track and measure campaign success Over the course of the next Read More