Mobile Coupon Consumer Research Report Now Available

By Dan Slavin

Hot off the presses is CodeBroker’s Mobile Coupon Consumer Research Report. Based on research with more than 1,200 consumers, the report provides compelling data on consumers’ preferences for accessing and using mobile coupons.

We’re seeing a great deal of interest in mobile coupons among retail and restaurant marketers, and the research results certainly support this interest. Here’s a sample:

Top Survey Findings

  • Mobile coupons delivered via text message drive near-term purchases. A mobile coupon received via text is redeemed within three days 25% of the time and redeemed within a week 60% of the time.
  • On-demand coupons drive purchases, with 78% of respondents claiming they are likely or very likely to redeem a coupon that they request in response to an online ad.
  • More than three-quarters of consumers prefer a coupon with a higher discount that they can use only once, as opposed to a lower-value coupon that can be redeemed more than once.

The report includes consumer data on numerous mobile coupon topics, including:

  • How customers prefer to access and use mobile coupons
  • Insights into driving higher redemption rates
  • Best ways to promote coupons
  • Using coupons as incentives to join an SMS marketing list
  • And lots more

Click here to access the complete report.