Drive Customer Engagement and Increased Revenue with SMS Marketing


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Leading Retailers Know How to Drive Customer Engagement

Written by: Sue LeClaire

Be a customer service leader and alert your customers when their order is ready using text messages. Consumers always have their mobile device with them checking text messages frequently. You can even personalize the SMS message providing a personal connection that allows you to rise above the noise creating a truly unique shopping experience and drive customer engagement.

CodeBroker customers use text messages to send all types of marketing and service alerts instantly notifying customers when special orders are ready for pick-up from the deli, bakery, pharmacy, or floral departments.

Imagine your customer places an order either online or in-store. Instead of standing around waiting for the order to be fulfilled, your customer can continue shopping while the items are prepared. All you need is their mobile device number to alert your customer when their order is ready for pick-up. If it’s an extra large order, present them with a mobile coupon for a free beverage they can enjoy while they wait. Our retail customers realize significant revenue and drive customer engagement through the use of mobile coupons.

Grocers are increasingly turning to mobile to build brand loyalty. Having the ability to send alerts to a customer’s mobile device creates a rich and unique customer experience. On the flip side, the retailer is rewarded with store loyalty that translates into a higher customer life-time value.