Loyalty Program Sign Up

SMS Marketing List Sign-up is Quick and Easy

CodeBroker’s Smart Join is an elegant way to sign-up customers to your loyalty program, SMS marketing list, or email marketing list. Based on a call-to-action, the consumer texts-in to a retailer’s shortcode and receives a text message. They click through to a web page to complete a short form and press Submit. All of the information required to successfully sign-up consumers to an SMS marketing list is displayed in a visually appealing form significantly improving the sign-up completion rate.

Using Smart Join, CodeBroker retailer customers have realized: up to 25,000 customer sign-ups per day to their SMS marketing list on an ongoing basis, an 80% sign-up completion rate – consumers who complete the sign-up process, and a 50%+ redemption rate for delivered welcome mobile coupons.


Data captured on the form is completely customizable – anything from a mobile phone number to a full CRM record. Using Codebroker’s unique security model, you have the ability to:

  • Securely attribute customer information to a loyalty number.
  • Ensure each customer receives only one loyalty number.
  • Safely issue high-value offers knowing each customer will only receive and be able to redeem one mobile coupon.

The key to delivering a customer-rich experience is what happens after the consumer fills out the sign-up form and clicks Submit. Based on the customer experience you would like to deliver, you can invite your customer to:

  • Join an SMS marketing list,
  • Join an email list,
  • Receive a rewards number,
  • Receive a digital loyalty card,
  • Receive a welcome mobile coupon, or
  • All of the above.

In addition, retailers who deliver one-time-use mobile coupons significantly reduce fraud and liability concerns. Based on CodeBroker’s unique mobile coupon security model, consumers receive and redeem a coupon only once.