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Text message marketing has become an essential way to drive purchases among mobile consumers. The challenge for marketers is that text message marketing solutions are often more complex than they really need to be. Most text message marketing software has limited flexibility, and vendor support is often lacking.

This is why marketers turn to the CodeBroker text message marketing platform – because we make text message marketing the experience that it ought to be – a great one.

How do we do it?

sms marketing easy to useWE’RE EASY TO USE
and quick to learn, to save you time and help you get more SMS marketing campaigns in front of consumers.

text message marketing supportYOU’RE NEVER ALONE with personalized support from an expert SMS marketing project manager.

sms marketing capabilitiesADVANCED CAPABILITIES
that you don’t get from other
text message marketing solutions.

text message marketing ROIPROVEN RESULTS
a track record of delivering
impressive sales results and SMS marketing ROI.

Where top retailers turn for SMSuccess

  • over 1 billion text messages delivered
  • 24,000+ store locations
  • The biggest names in retail

SMSuccess – it’s all in the details

SMS marketing software that’s easy to use

Marketers value CodeBroker’s SMS marketing platform because it was built from the ground up to be easy to use, with an intuitive UI and pre-built workflows designed for speed and simplicity.

CodeBroker’s SMS marketing platform gives you a ton of power without requiring an advanced degree to learn. We make it easy for you to get the right message to the right customer — quickly and with confidence. With CodeBroker, you can run text promotions yourself, move fast, and easily try new ideas.

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Help you can count on

With CodeBroker text message marketing software, you benefit from an assigned CodeBroker project manager who works proactively with you and your team to ensure SMS marketing success. Your project manager:

  • Provides expert SMS Marketing project support, including project tracking and ongoing update meetings.
  • Delivers training and ongoing assistance to ensure you get the most from the CodeBroker SMS marketing platform.
  • Provides responsive, live support to get you the answers you need right away.
  • Makes suggestions based on proven SMS marketing techniques and text message marketing best practices.
  • Helps to ensure carrier and TCPA compliance to keep you protected.

You also have ongoing access to CodeBroker executives to leverage their expertise and insights, and to make sure your needs are met and your SMS marketing campaigns are highly successful.


Advanced SMS marketing capabilities you get only from CodeBroker

The CodeBroker text message marketing platform continues to innovate with SMS marketing capabilities that help marketers, not only deliver better results, but deploy campaigns quickly and easily over a wide range of high-value use cases.

  • Increase SMS Subscribers with SmartJoin™

    CodeBroker’s SmartJoin is the best way to rapidly expand SMS marketing lists and increase loyalty memberships. Using SmartJoin, CodeBroker customers are growing SMS subscribers at unprecedented rates:

    25,000 daily customer sign-ups on an ongoing basis
    90% completion rate on the sign-up form
    50%+ redemption rate for SMS coupons

Learn more about SmartJoin

mobile coupon marketing
  • Omnichannel Mobile Delivery

    The CodeBroker text message marketing platform works seamlessly with other CodeBroker solutions, including:

    • CodeBroker SMS coupons, for delivery of secure, single-use mobile coupons via text message
    • CodeBroker Mobile Loyalty Experience Engine, to improve customer loyalty by connecting with your existing loyalty program software so you can deliver your mobile loyalty program via each consumer’s preferred mobile channel: text message, mobile app, mobile wallet, and email.
sms marketing software

CodeBroker text message marketing software empowers marketers with an intuitive campaign manager that leverages a single consumer profile across all mobile channels – text, app, mobile wallet, email, and Facebook. CodeBroker’s platform ties all of a consumer’s mobile IDs back to that consumer, giving marketers the ability to deliver synchronized, consistent messages across channels.

  • SmartConnect helps you engage consumers

    CodeBroker SmartConnect helps get consumers to engage with your brand by giving them an easy way to request digital information while they shop in-store. With SmartConnect, your customers can use text messages, QR codes, beacons, NFC tags, or short URLs to obtain additional information about your products and services. Track how consumers prefer to interact with your brand while improving their in-store experience.

  • Works with Your Existing Marketing Infrastructure

    The CodeBroker text message marketing platform was designed from the start as an open solution that includes high-performance APIs and data exchanges to make it easy to connect it to your existing CRM, loyalty, analytics platforms, and websites with minimal IT support. Use CodeBroker’s campaign manager standalone or in conjunction with your existing systems to send personalized, relevant text messages and offers, and track performance to drive ongoing campaign decisions.

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Proven SMS Marketing Results

A great experience begins with peace of mind – a comfort level that comes with knowledge that your text message marketing solution has a strong track record of delivering results. At CodeBroker, our focus is on your business success.


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Increase text message subscriber lists with CodeBroker


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Experience text message marketing the way it should be

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