Text Message Marketing

SMS Messaging Software Delivers Personalized Customer Engagement

Everyone loves to text – both sending as well as receiving. Retailers everywhere are embracing mobile expanding their marketing reach to include the device consumers can’t put down.

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Build a List

Employing mobile begins when consumers respond to a call-to-action based on retailer advertising. CodeBroker has observed that marketing lists will grow quickly through effective use of SMS. With a generous mobile welcome coupon, retailers are able to collect a full CRM record from new subscribers and experience an 80% completion rate on the sign-up form.

Create a Message

Quickly build and deploy campaigns. With just a few clicks you can build, test and go live. Carrier guidelines are built into the system ensuring that mobile promotions meet current carrier requirements.

The two predominant promotion types are SMS subscription list and on-demand:

  • SMS Subscription List Promotions. Retailers deliver digital coupons and marketing messages to consumers who sign-up to a retailer’s SMS marketing list.
  • On-demand Promotions. Based on retailer advertising, consumers text-in a term to the retailer’s shortcode to receive a mobile coupon or provide access to additional information such as downloading a retailer’s smartphone app.

Text Message Marketing Engages Your Customers

Using CodeBroker’s enterprise-class text message marketing software, retailers can deliver SMS marketing messages to all or a targeted subset of their customers. Promotions can be scheduled to execute instantly or days in advance. Whether you’re reminding them about the final days of an existing promotion or introducing a new campaign, it could not be easier.

High Speed, Real-time Transaction Processing

Campaign delivery through highly scalable text message marketing software capable of supporting hundreds of transactions per second. Your customers will never be left hanging waiting for a response from you even during peak times.

Personalize the Experience

Consumers feel more connected to retailers who tailor content based on individual preferences. In fact, personalized campaigns consistently and overwhelmingly beat out generic campaigns generating a higher engagement rate from your customers.

Examples of personalized text messages include informing customers when regularly purchased items are on sale, delivering a personalized offer based on customer preferences, alerting customers with reward or credit card balances, or delivering an offer based on a CRM match (e.g., zip code).


Preference Center

Enrich the customer experience by allowing consumers to determine the best time to receive their text messages.

Evaluate Campaign Results

Immediately analyze text messaging marketing campaign effectiveness. Promotion results are available in a variety of formats providing detailed campaign and subscriber activity. You can view data within CodeBroker’s campaign manager or access it externally in various forms for further analysis.

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