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Mobile coupons offer a gift that keeps on giving for retailers who follow basic rules

This year, mobile coupons will be redeemed by nine out of 10 consumers Retail marketers should add a mobile coupon strategy to their grab bag of campaigns. At first, the move to issue mobile coupons to consumers was driven by retailers wanting to provide a smartphone-savvy consumer experience. Early adopters were looking for a solution Read More

Unleash the Power of Digital Loyalty… with new eBook from EKN Research

Traditional card-based, in-store loyalty programs may be in decline, but the digital revolution presents a major opportunity for retailers. Did you know, for example, that 69% of consumers are more likely to use a retailer’s loyalty program if they can store the card on their smartphone? Did you know that 70% of US millennial consumers Read More

8 Ways to Drive In-store Mobile Engagement

Written by: Stefanie Gray Consumers still prefer the in-store experience to online shopping according to a 2014 A.T. Kearney study entitled “On solid Ground: Brick-and-mortar Is the Foundation of Omnichannel Retailing” A more recent study, “The Reality of Retail Report,” April 2015 by InReality, further supports that a retailer’s brick-and-mortar presence is integral to the Read More

The Integrated Mobile Channel

Written by: Sue LeClaire As recently stated in the Deloitte study “Navigating the New Digital Divide,” mobile devices are increasingly becoming an integral part of the consumer’s path to purchase. From a retailer’s perspective, much is to be gained when retailers create an integrated mobile experience – mobile plays a central role in a consumer’s Read More

Mobile Improves In-store Engagement

Written by: Sue LeClaire New light has been shed on how consumers use their mobile devices while shopping in-store thanks to three recently published studies. The research reports include “The Reality of Retail Report,” inreality; “The 3 New Realities of LOCAL RETAIL,”; “Navigating the New Digital Divide,” Deloitte Digital. As stated by Dave Richards Read More

Mobile SMS – Interview with CodeBroker CEO/Founder Dan Slavin

The BarCode News recently sat down with Dan Slavin to discuss text messaging and how retailers can deploy this disruptive new technology to engage with consumers, a retailer’s customers. Based on a recent patent awarded to CodeBroker (PAT 9,015,277), BarCode News wanted to learn more about who uses CodeBroker’s award-winning technology and how long it takes Read More

5 Restaurant Mobile Promotions That Work

Written by: Stefanie Grey There are many creative ways to engage with your customers using mobile. Depending on the goal of the program, our retailer customers have had a lot of success in both increasing brand awareness as well as driving traffic to their locations. Following are 5 restaurant mobile promotions that have generated results:

Restaurants: Using SMS Marketing Lists to Drive Traffic During Off-peak Hours

Written by: Joe Pappalardo Every restaurant has a slow period. Often it’s the time between lunch and dinner or Tuesday evenings. In order to maximize revenue, your options are to either cut back on overhead or increase traffic during off-peak hours. Minimizing overhead can include measures such as: Shutting off appliances that aren’t needed to Read More

Mobile eCommerce is HOT!

Mobile eCommerce Shoppers In 2013, Internet and mobile measurement firm comScore began detecting a new trend in e-retailing: the mobile-only shopper. By January 2015, some top retailers were seeing an explosion in customers who only access their digital properties using smartphones and tablets (Source: comScore). % of time spent with online retail on smartphones and Read More