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Customer Engagement Promotions: Build, Redeem and Personalize

Written by: Sue LeClaire

There’s no question that delivering mobile coupons to customers subscribed to a marketing list works. CodeBroker customers routinely create customer engagement promotions resulting in redemption rates of up to 10%. Based on our experience, there are a number of factors involved in realizing outstanding redemption numbers. Namely, build high-value marketing lists, deliver mobile coupons for in-store or online redemption, and personalize.

Build effective marketing lists.

Over time our customers have learned that quality usurps quantity almost every time when developing high-impact marketing lists. Engaged customers shop more often, buy more, and refer friends and family. In order to build a productive marketing list, you need a compelling call-to-action, a generous offer, and opportunities to promote the list to your most engaged customers. Who are these people? They are consumers who are willing to share personal information as part of the sign-up process or they may have already signed up for your email marketing list, a store credit card, or registered with you via an online account. Creating a customer engagement promotion to sign customers up to your mobile marketing list creates another avenue of contact between the retailer and customer. You can use this opportunity to deliver valuable information and additional offers further cultivating customer engagement.


Our retail customers have found that engaged consumers readily redeem mobile coupons generating increased sales both in-store and online. Redemption is easy. The customer selects which coupons they would like to use. In-store, the cashier scans the barcode on the customer’s mobile device during check-out. Online, the customer enters the unique coupon number and the discount is applied. In both instances, the coupon automatically expires so it cannot be used again. Customers are happiest when you deliver customer engagement promotions with high-value mobile coupons and make it easy to redeem offers. A positive customer experience translates into increased customer engagement.


Many CodeBroker customers segment their CRM databases in order to deliver more meaningful mobile coupons to their customers. A CodeBroker retailer recently executed an inspired customer engagement promotion – instead of delivering a generic mobile coupon to all of their customers for 10% off, the retailer tailored the message based on where a customer resides. Customers who live in the north received 10% off snow gear while customers that live in the south received 10% off rain wear. In addition, the messages were addressed to each recipient by their first name. The retailer saw significantly higher redemption rates using personalized messages as compared to a similar campaign conducted the previous year without personalization.

CodeBroker customers have shown that delivering customer engagement promotions containing mobile coupons to customers on a marketing list increases both in-store and online purchases. By routinely delivering high-value, personalized offers to their customers, they not only realize higher sales but also improved engagement. When executed well, retailers can keep customers connected to a brand and on the road to building lasting relationships.