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One Way to Slay an Omnichannel Promotion
September 18, 2019

Written by: Stefanie Gray

Providing mobile coupons across channels is a sure-win for retailers seeking to improve coupon redemptions. One CodeBroker retailer customer recently launched a wildly successful omnichannel mobile coupon marketing promotion that spanned three channels: promotion text messaging, email, and Passbook.

Omnichannel Coupon Promotion

2015-10-21 Omnichannel Promotions


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CodeBroker to Demo Mobile Coupons & Scanning at the Retailer’s Big Show
January 12, 2016

Designed to improve customer experience and retention, the use of Honeywell scanners and mobile coupons speeds the checkout process and tracks redemption data.

BOSTON, MA – January 12, 2016 – CodeBroker, a developer of secure mobile coupon technology for retailers looking to increase foot traffic and basket size, today announced its joint participation with Honeywell at the upcoming National Retail Federation (NRF) annual conference January 17-20 at the Javits Convention Center, New York. CodeBroker will join Honeywell Sensing and Productivity Solutions at booth #1543 to demonstrate the ease of requesting and redeeming mobile coupons.

CodeBroker has helped retailers of all sizes deliver 500 million consumer coupons via its mobile delivery and management platform.

Honeywell will showcase its popular 2D scanners used by retailers to capture product and customer data at the point-of-sale (POS). The scanner works with smartphones and other mobile devices to capture barcodes for redeeming consumer coupons, tracking redemption data, and managing inventory.

Used at 24,000 retail locations, CodeBroker allows retailers to setup and deliver promotions to mobile devices in minutes, and provides a complete picture of their campaigns, enabling them to track, manage, and access promotion data.

“Show attendees will have a hands-on opportunity to see how easy it is to request and redeem mobile offers. Our retailer customers have found that using mobile barcodes lets them quickly capture important data as well as improve the consumer experience by speeding up the check-out process,” said Dan Slavin, CodeBroker founder and CEO. “Our mobile engagement platform is used by retailers of all sizes to create mobile promotions that drive traffic to both online and physical stores, increasing trips and sales.”

CodeBroker offers the only coupon platform able to provide secure one-time-use mobile offers across multiple digital media channels simultaneously. Coupons are redeemed during checkout either online or in store, and delivered over SMS, email, mobile web, Apple Wallet, Facebook, and other social media.

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12 Days of Mobile Coupon Deals
November 20, 2015

Written by Stefanie Gray
Promotions for Black Friday and Cyber Monday are already in the can as the two big selling days are only a week away. However, there is still plenty of opportunity to deliver creative shopping incentives for the remaining 24 days before Christmas.
mobile coupon deals
According to a recent NRF survey, almost 75% of shoppers said that sales or discounts are the most important factor in deciding where to shop this holiday season. Playing off of the song “The Twelve Days of Christmas,” a series of fun holiday promotions that a retailer can deliver to customers subscribed to their SMS marketing list is “The 12 Days of Deals.” A mobile coupon deals promotion that runs 12 consecutive days has the potential to:

  • Keep the retailer in front of mind,
  • Entertain and engage existing customers, and
  • Increase the number of new subscribers to the retailer’s SMS marketing list.


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Creating the Ultimate Mobile Coupon Experience
November 12, 2015

Written by Stefanie Gray

Not surprisingly, the short answer: the ultimate mobile coupon experience does not exist. Having worked exclusively with retailers for many years, we have found that creating an optimal customer journey depends on the retailer’s definition of the consumer’s purchase process, which includes the retailer’s offer strategy.
mobile coupon experience

Following are ideas based on actual mobile coupon experiences CodeBroker retailers have created resulting in great customer engagement that resulted in increased basket size and incremental revenue.


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Paper to Mobile Coupon to Mobile Coupon Wallet: Major Milestones
November 3, 2015

A brief history of mobile couponing companies

Asa Candler, the founder of the Coca-Cola Company (Dr. John Pemberton invented the Coca-Cola formula and eventually sold the exclusive rights to the product to Asa Candler), created paper tickets for free glasses of Coke that were mailed to consumers or placed in magazines. Consumers redeemed their coupons, valued at a nickel, at their soda fountain shop. This effectively made Coke one of the first mobile couponing companies if you loosely define “mobile” as something that is easily portable.


1888 – First coupon.

Candler even supplied his customer stores with free syrup to cover the cost of the drink. Between 1894 and 1913, an estimated one-in-nine Americans had received a free Coca-Cola, for a total of 8.5 million free drinks. By 1895, Candler claimed that Coca-Cola was being served in every state (44 at the time).

Mid 1990’s – First Printable Coupon Consumers realize huge savings with downloadable printable coupons. Before smartphones appeared in every pocket, mobile coupon companies began using the Internet to distribute coupons to consumers giving their customers the option to print the coupons directly from desktop computers. The consumer then brought the coupon to the store to redeem. Printing from the desktop is still popular, given how travelers are well used to printing their boarding passes at home.


2010 – First Mobile Coupon. Target becomes the first national chain to put mobile coupons on customers’ mobile devices. They deserve some credit for being an early trend setter among mobile couponing companies.

According to Target’s website, “Target is the first national retailer to offer a scannable mobile coupon program that allows guests to receive exclusive offers directly on their mobile phones. Mobile coupons are redeemed by scanning a barcode on the phone at checkout. Target is the first major retailer with the ability to scan mobile coupon barcodes in all of its stores. A leader in mobile retail, Target continues to offer innovative mobile solutions for guests.” Today, Target coupons are available via SMS and their mobile coupon wallet.

2011 – First Mobile Coupon Available from a Retailer’s Mobile App. Walgreens was the first retailer to deliver mobile coupons to consumers from their mobile app. The program was launched just before Black Friday in 2011. The coupons were delivered to consumers one at a time every two to three days. In addition, Walgreens was the first retailer to create a mobile coupon wallet – a special section within the mobile application – where consumers could view all of their Walgreen’s offers. Coupons were redeemable at any of the 7,700+ stores by scanning the barcode embedded in the coupon.

mobile coupon wallet 5

January 2012 – First Retailer to Deliver True Omni-channel Coupons. Consumers who sign-up for the Bed Bath & Beyond mobile coupons program receive a 20% off one item mobile coupon every six weeks. The mobile coupon can be redeemed from the consumer’s mobile device or desktop computer. To redeem a mobile coupon in-store, the consumer presents the coupon on their mobile device and the store associate scans the mobile barcode. To redeem a mobile offer during an online purchase, the consumer has the option to apply the coupon code as part of the check-out process. Once the coupon is redeemed, it cannot be presented for use a second time regardless of the channel the consumer chose to redeem the coupon.

mobile coupon wallet 6

September 2012 – First Non-retailer Mobile Coupon Wallet. Apple Wallet (previously known as Passbook) is the first non-retailer-specific mobile coupon wallet that allows consumers to store coupons, boarding passes, event tickets, store cards and, starting with iOS 8.1, credit cards, loyalty cards, and debit cards via Apple Pay. The technology is designed by Apple.

We hope you enjoyed this brief history of mobile couponing companies. What’s your story?

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Retailer Mobile Coupon Programs
October 12, 2015

Having delivered millions of coupons on behalf of retailers – some of the largest in the US – we’ve seen a lot of digital coupon programs. Following is the first installment of 5 notable retailer mobile coupon programs from US retailers.

Walgreens mobile coupon marketing programs

Walgreens mobile coupon programs 1
Walgreens mobile coupons are available through both the mobile app and mobile web. To access the mobile web version, enter the Walgreen’s URL ( into your mobile web browser.
Walgreens mobile coupon programs
Walgreens mobile coupon programs 2

Or, text the keyword APP to shortcode 21525 from the text message app on your mobile device. Click on the link in the promotion text message to view Walgreen’s mobile web page. Enter Mobile App in the search field to view the mobile app download page.



Walgreens mobile coupon programs 3From either the mobile web or mobile app menu, click on Weekly Ad & Coupons from the menu. You will need to join the Balance Rewards program to clip coupons and save them to your Walgreen’s rewards card.

Currently, Walgreens does not deliver mobile offers via SMS.



Target mobile coupon programs

Target mobile coupon programs 1

Target mobile coupon marketing programs

Target has multiple ways to help consumers save big.

Mobile app: Mobile offers are available in Target’s mobile coupon wallet. Regardless of which program a consumer has signed-up, all mobile offers are available in the mobile app, making it extremely convenient for consumer’s to access and redeem their mobile coupons. Offers are pushed to the mobile app bi-weekly.


Target mobile coupon programs 2SMS: Consumers who do not use the mobile app can receive mobile offers via the SMS app on their mobile device. By clicking on the link in the promotion text message, a mobile offer is delivered to a dynamic web page.

Mobile offers are valid for a finite period of time and will automatically expire if not used. To sign-up, text COUPONS to Target’s shortcode 827438.


Target mobile coupon programs 3On-demand promotions: Based on advertising, a consumer texts in a keyword to Target’s shortcode (827438) to receive a a promotion text message with a mobile offer.

Consumers can find on-demand promotions advertised both in-store and in Target’s weekly flyer.



CVS mobile coupon programs

CVS mobile coupon programs 1

CVS mobile coupon marketing programs

CVS offers multiple ways to save.

If you select My Deals & Rewards from the mobile app homepage, you will be required to sign up for either the EXTRACARE Pharmacy & Health Rewards program or the EXTRACARE Beauty Club.


CVS mobile coupon programs 2

Another way to save is to join the CVS EXTRACARE rewards program where you earn cash back for purchases. Click on ExtraCare Card from the main menu of the mobile app to see earned rewards.


CVS mobile coupon programs3


Currently, promotional text messages are only delivered to customers subscribed to the CVS prescription program.





McDonalds mobile coupon programs

McDonalds mobile coupon programs 1

McDonald’s mobile coupon marketing programs

McDonald’s mobile coupons are available via their mobile app. Go to their website page to download either the iOS version or Android version.

In addition to displaying valid mobile offers the app will show you which locations the promotion can be redeemed.




Macys mobile coupon programs

Macy's mobile coupon promotions 1

Macys mobile coupon marketing programs

Macy’s Promo alerts: Text in COUPON to Macy’s shortcode, 62297, to sign-up for mobile coupons and mobile offers. Up to three messages per week will be delivered to your mobile device via promotional text messages.

The promotion text message contains a link to Macy’s mobile web site and/or a link to a mobile coupon on the Macy’s mobile website.



Macys mobile coupon programs 2


By clicking the mobile offer link in the promotion text message, a mobile coupon on Macy’s mobile website will be displayed. Both mobile coupons and promo codes can be used online as well as in-store.


Macys mobile coupon programs 3Macy’s delivers offers to their mobile app as well. Text in APP to 62297 to download the mobile app.

To view available offers, select OFFERS from the mobile app main menu.

In order to receive mobile coupons and mobile offers  to the Macy’s mobile app, you need to create an account. Also available from the OFFERS menu option are Deals & Promotions and the ability to add an offer to the digital wallet.


Stay tuned for more information on how to sign-up for more mobile coupons.

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A Mobile Promotion Proven to Drive Sales & Engagement
October 7, 2015

Written by: Stefanie Gray

CodeBroker retailer customers – some of the largest in the US – deliver creative and engaging mobile experiences to consumers. Employing CodeBroker’s offer marketing platform, our retailer customers can:

  • Quickly set-up engaging mobile promotions.
  • Minimize the liability associated with rich offers.
  • Easily track and measure campaign success

Mobile Promotions
Over the course of the next month, we will highlight some of our retailer customers best mobile promotions – promotions that wildly exceeded expected results in driving traffic to stores (both online and brick & mortar) as well as sales revenue.


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The Integrated Mobile Channel
September 17, 2015

Written by: Sue LeClaire

As recently stated in the Deloitte study “Navigating the New Digital Divide,” mobile devices are increasingly becoming an integral part of the consumer’s path to purchase. From a retailer’s perspective, much is to be gained when retailers create an integrated mobile engagement experience – mobile plays a central role in a consumer’s path to purchase versus mobile as a single channel to acquire conversions.

According to Deloitte, “If retailers are investing in digital only through the lens of their eCommerce business, or measuring success simply by measuring channel sales, they may be missing the bigger opportunity.” In other words, digital should be an integral part of the consumer’s shopping journey.
Integrated Mobile Image


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Restaurants Deliver Mobile Offers to Drive Engagement
August 4, 2015

Written by: Joe Pappalardo

Technology has the potential to have a huge impact on the restaurant industry. Two of the current top trends include mobile apps and mobile payment.

However, a potential obstacle in successfully implementing a mobile app or payment solution is the amount of resources they require to build and maintain. A relatively easy-to-deploy and complimentary technology that has tremendous value to restaurateurs is mobile offers.

Specifically, mobile offers and mobile coupons are proven to drive mobile app downloads, engagement and in-app conversions when delivered to a mobile app. In addition, the ability to redeem mobile offers lets restaurateurs track the entire purchase process providing insight into how mobile users shop.


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Mobile Coupon Usage is on the Rise
July 20, 2015

Following is a recent article we found in Marketing Daily regarding coupons and how the landscape is changing. According to the report, retailers are limiting coupon availability, the coupons that are published have a much higher redemption value, and mobile coupons are more popular than ever.

mobile coupon usage up

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The In-store Customer Experience: The Good, the Bad and the Embarrassing
October 31, 2014

Creating a Memorable In-store Customer Experience

Written by: Sue LeClaire

Saturday afternoons have become a blur of starts and stops at different retail stores. By the time I arrive home, the only evidence of how I spent the last several hours are the bags of “stuff” my kids haul out of the trunk of the car and into the kitchen to be sorted and stored. The sad truth about running errands is that nothing stands out except for the trip to the coffee shop for a mid-shopping pick-me-up. Even buying a cup of coffee has become mundane.


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Digital Coupons: The mobile coupon and digital coupon audience is growing faster than expected
November 1, 2013

Written By: emarketer

The digital coupon audience is growing faster than expected

Many US consumers adopted a frugal mindset during the recession, stretching their dollars with coupons found online as well as in newspapers and magazines. Print coupons still dominate, but digital coupons have quickly gained mainstream acceptance.

This year, more than half of US adult internet users, or 102.5 million people, will redeem a mobile coupon or digital coupon for either online or offline shopping. New data indicates that there was a significant increase in the number of digital coupon users during the first half of 2013. Based on this, eMarketer has increased our forecast for the US digital coupon audience beginning this year. We expect the number of people who redeem digital coupons to increase 11.0% this year, up from our previous estimate of 4.6%. New mobile coupon users will be the primary growth driver in the US digital coupon audience.


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